Karl Heinz Kopf was born 27th June 1957 in Hohenems, Vorarlberg, and comes from a business family in Altach. Mr Kopf attended elementary school in Altach, the private grammar school Mehrerau and subsequently Bregenz business school. From 1982 to 1993 he was staff executive/authorized signatory of the company Huber Tricot in Götzis and Wolford AG in Bregenz. In 1993 he became managing partner of SportbauWalser in Altach. Mr Kopf resigned from his role as managing director in accordance with the rules on incompatibility at the end of 2008. In 1994, Mr Kopf was elected for the first time to the Austrian People's Party in the National Assembly. The passionate football player served his party as Sports Spokesman for a couple of years, then as Energy and Environment Spokesman and currently as Media Spokesman. In 2000 he became Secretary General of the Austrian People’s Party Business Association. Mr Kopf held this position until November 2008, when he was elected as Chairman of the Austrian People’s Party Parliamentary Group and consequently succeeded Wolfgang Schüssel. Since autumn 2013 Mr Kopf is the 2nd President of the National Council. Due to time constraints, Mr Kopf had to give up his position as President of the Vorarlberg Football Association (VFV) and Sports Director of the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) in spring 2006 –with a heavy heart, by his own admission. He is today an honorary member of SCR Altach, honorary president of Vorarlberg Football Association and honorary member of ÖFB. Since the summer of 2009, he has been Supervisory Board Chairman of "his" SCR Altach, over which he previously presided between 1985 and 1995. Karlheinz Kopf has been married since 1978. His wife Karin also comes from an Altach business family and is the manager of their shared company – a company constructing sport sites. Their two daughters Stefanie and Andrea have completed their studies (Business Administration and Physiotherapy) and both work in Vorarlberg.