The second day of the Conference was launched by the session “Strategic Communication and Countering Anti-western Propaganda” addressing the following topics: Countering the anti-Western propaganda and Russian hybrid warfare. The possibilities offered by the Communication and visibility Strategy for the Eastern Partnership - Countering anti-EU and anti-Western propaganda in the EU and its partner countries. How to strengthen Communication on the EU Issues – necessity strengthening cooperation with the EU, the EaP and the Civil Society? How to enhance the involvement of the EU and its Member States in the process of the implementation of 2014-2017 EU Integration Communication and Information Strategy of the Government of Georgia? Sharing the experience and best practices on Strategic Communications across the EaP region. Communication with target groups, including ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities – importance of alternative Russian speaking media? Informational support for journalists, key multipliers and opinion formers The session is moderated by Tom Nuttall ,Charlemagne Columnist of The Economist. The speakers of the session include: David Bakradze, the State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Giles Portman, Head of East Stratcom Task Force, European External Action Service, Kalle Palling, Chairman, European Union Affairs Committee, Parliament of the Republic of Estonia, Lincoln Mitchell, Analyst and Researcher of Strategic Communication and Political Development, Ruslan Deynychenk, Executive Director of Ukrainian information The Conference “Georgia’s European Way” hosts high-level officials of executive and legislative bodies of Georgia, EU Member States, the EU Institutions and partner countries, including representatives of civil society and the business sector. The event is covered by international and local media.