Mikheil Janelidze, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, served as first a Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia before assuming his current position. Mr. Janelidze has enjoyed an extensive career at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia (2009-2015), where he has held the position of Deputy Minister since 2011. Through these years he also served as Georgia’s Chief Trade Negotiator with the EU and as a Chairman of intergovernmental Economic Commotions with various countries. Before joining the public service Mr. Janelidze worked in the area of business development and management consulting mostly focused on international trade and investment. Mr. Janelidze earned his Bachelor’s Degree with honors in International Relations from Tbilisi State University (2002). He further pursued his postgraduate studies in International Law and European Law at the Diplomatic Academy in the Russian Federation (2003-2006). In 2011, Mr. Janelidze received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration with distinction from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France and the International Executive MBA from CSB Georgia. Prior to that, Mr. Janelidze studied at the Hochwald Gymnasium in Wadern, Germany. In 2011 Mikheil Janelidze was awarded the Order of Honor for his outstanding contribution to the development of Foreign Trade and International Economic Relations of Georgia.