Nino Zambakhidze from 2005  is the founder of L.T.D. “LBN Line Distribution Company”, an official representative of Coffee Vergnano and Tea Ronnefeldt in Georgia. Having started farming in 2008 she founded L.T.D. “Georgian Business Zone” (Cattle farm, Milk Processing Farm and Animal Food Production Farm) in the village Tsnisi, Akahltsikhe Region where she also acts as an Executive Director. In 2010 Nino founded “Regional Development Association” in Akhaltsikhe and since then has been leading execution of various rural development projects.  She became a prize winner for “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” at the first annual Business-Award “Mercury 2011” ceremony, and was also the first woman leader becoming an honorary coordinator of the organization “Invest for the Future” from 2012, the organization functioning under the patronage of Hilary Clinton. While actively being an entrepreneur, Nino founded “Georgian Farmers’ Association” with her partners in 2012, where she serves as a chairwoman of the organization. Georgian Farmers Association is umbrella organization which unites 3000 member farmers from all over the Georgia, with the goal and mission to protect farmers’ rights and support them to compete on marketplace and to grow agro players’ profitability. From 2014, Nino became the founder of Georgian Entrepreneurs’ Network supporting both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs in business development. Being a proactive person by nature, Nino is a member of almost all key governmental or non-governmental boards and committees active in agriculture and not only.  Nino is an MBA  in Global Management (GGSB) & International Executive MBA (CSB) at Grenoble Graduate School of Business (France) and Caucasus School of Business (CSB). Nino was named a GEM Entrepreneur in 2016 by (Grenoble School of Economy) and in 2017 has been nominated and selected as Georgia's Young Global Leader for 2017 by World Economic Forum.