Day 1
Thursday, 11 July 2019

Night Owl Session: To Modern Threats Modern Responses: the Peace in the Times of Hybrid Threats (Chatham House rules)

20:30 - 22:00 / Hotel Sheraton Batumi

Modern Europe faces threats which are of increasingly non-conventional nature. These multidimensional threats combining coercive and subversive tools and tactics involve state and non-state actors alike and aim at undermining public trust in institutions. Attempts to influence public opinion by means of misinformation and disinformation campaigns, allegations of interference in elections, hostile propaganda involving traditional media and social networks are just a few facets of subversive actions directed against the countries in Europe.

Considerable efforts are deployed with the aim to engineer a split among the EU Members, as well as between the EU and its partners. Governments in Europe become more and more aware of the importance of enhancing the resilience of their peoples and institutions.

The speakers will discuss whether enough is done in terms of political communication, raising awareness, social media campaigns to respond to this wide array of challenges.