Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Mrs. Maya Tskitishvili.

Mrs. Maya Tskitishvili has occupied the position of the Head of Administration of the Government of Georgia, since November 1st, 2012.

Prior to moving into the public sector, she held managing positions within Kartu Management LTD and JSC Parcount. Mrs. Tskitishvili has extensive experience working in managerial positions within both the aviation and construction sectors. She has held the position of Project Manager at JSC Bagebi City Group, Deputy Head of Logistics Department at Burji LTD and Head of Logistics Department, also at Burji LTD, at different stages of her career. During the earlier stages of her career she also gained experience working within the aviation sector. In particular, Mrs. Tskitishvili worked as a Senior Manager at Georgian Air, as well as Assistant to Commercial Director and Head of Contracts Department at Georgian Airways.

Mrs. Maya Tskitishvili graduated from the Faculty of International Economic Relations at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. She continued her studies at the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of International Trade; and also completed post graduate studies at the Caucasus School of Business.

In addition to being fluent in English and Russian, Mrs. Tskitishvili completed a course in Czech language at the Charles University, Prague.

Mrs. Maya Tskitishvili was born on June 2nd, 1974 in Tbilisi, Georgia.