Mikheil Batiashvili - Psychologist, Associate Professor of Business Administration, a long-time member of The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness – ISC at Harvard Business School.

Mikheil Batiashvili’s name is associated with the establishment of "Silicon Valley Tbilisi" in Georgia and creation of the University of Business and Technology - BTU. In 2016-2018, he was the principal of the same University.

In 2011-2015, Mikheil Batiashvili worked at Ilia State University, as the Dean of a Business School.

Over the years, Mikheil Batiashvili held a job as an international auditor of the ISO - International Standards Organization.

At various times he held a directorial position in Business Consulting, in conjunction with occupying the position of the Deputy Director of the Anti-Corruption Council of Georgia, and the Deputy Director at the World Bank Economic Reform Center.

Furthermore, Mikheil Batiashvili's name is also associated with various important joint projects, conducted in association with the international leading organizations such as Microsoft, IBM, Symantec, Hewlett Packard (HP) and others.

Moreover, he has published important publications, participated and delivered reports at international scientific conferences, in conjunction with collaborating with numerous foreign scientific centers, including Harvard Business School, Maastricht Management School, etc.