Natia Turnava is the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia since April 18, 2019. Being an experienced manager in public and private sectors, Natia Turnava, during the line of work, is actively engaged in the implementation of the reforms and projects, which are of particular importance for the country.

Natia Turnava, before her appointment to the position of the Minister, served as a Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development and supervised the implementation of the ongoing energy market reform in Georgia, which envisages gradual deregulation of the sector and establishment of a competitive energy market.

In 2013-2018 Natia Turnava was the Deputy Executive Director of the Partnership Fund, which is a state investment Fund. In 2006 - 2013 Natia Turnava took senior positions in major Georgian corporations and before that she had been at the position of the Deputy Economy Minister for several times at different periods.

The Minister received the MBA degree from the UK University of Cambria (Zurich), the PhD in Economics from Tbilisi State University and accomplished a Crash courses at Harvard and IMF in Collaboration with Robert Kennedy College. Turnava is an author of up to 40 scientific works, articles and monographs and a co-author of 2 books.