Tamar Khulordava is a Chairperson of the Committee on European Integration of the Parliament of Georgia.

She was elected to Parliament from the proportional list of the “Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia” in October 2016. In her capacity of the Chairperson of the Committee on European Integration, she leads the activities of the committee, represents the Committee in domestic and inter-parliamentary relations, provides overall coordination with state bodies and institutions and international organizations and defines the agenda for the committee meetings.

Ms Khulordava is a co-Chair of the EU-Georgia Parliamentary Association Committee (PAC) and the Head of the permanent Parliamentary Delegation to the Parliamentary Association Committee.

She is also a Chair of the Georgian Parliamentary Delegation to the Euro Nest Parliamentary Assembly and a member of a Gender Council of the Parliament of Georgia.     

Prior to her election to Parliament Ms. Khulordava served as the First Deputy Minister of Corrections of Georgia and a Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry.   

Ms. Khulordava has over 10 years of professional experience with the European institutions on issues of human rights, justice and rule of law. She worked as a Lawyer and a Project Manager at the European Union Delegation to Georgia where she designed and managed EU cooperation programs.

In her earlier carrier she was a Staff Attorney with the American Bar Association, Central and East European Law Initiative (ABA/CEELI), Rule of Law and Criminal Law Programs,  Coordinator of the working group on Criminal Procedure Legislation Reform (for a project supported by the US Department of Justice) and a National Coordinator of the Interagency Commission on the Reform of the Law Enforcement and Security Services of Georgia, under the National Security Council, headed by the Chief Justice of Georgia. 

Ms Khulordava is a graduate of the Tbilisi State University, LLM with High honours. In addition to her native Georgian, she is fluent in English and Russian.