Thea Tsulukiani is the Minister of Justice of Georgia. Prior to her appointment as a Minister in October 2012, she was elected as a Member of Parliament for Nazaladevi, a single-mandate consultancy of the capital, with 72% of the vote. Ms. Tsulukiani has 10 years of experience as a lawyer at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg where she also served as a member of the Rules of Court Committee and as a rapporteur on the cases examined by single-judge compositions. In her capacity as Minister of Justice, Ms. Tsulukiani has been leading bold reforms in the area of the rule of law and independence of the judiciary, human rights, open government and anticorruption. She is the chairperson of 8 inter-agency councils in the Government of Georgia.

Ms. Tsulukiani received her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from École nationale d'administration (1998-2000). She also holds degree in International law and International relations and a diploma from the Academy of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.