Mamuka Bakhtadze has been the Prime Minister of Georgia since June, 2018. In his capacity as Prime Minister, he has established a strong vision for Georgia built on strengthening democracy, fostering economy, and advancing the country’s integration into the EU and NATO. Mr. Bakhtadze introduced a “lean government” initiative, reduced the number of ministries from 14 to 11, and redirecting budget expenditures to social programs. He has launched a comprehensive reform to overhaul Georgia’s education system, and pledged to allocate 6% of GDP to boost the country’s human capital development.

Prior to becoming Prime Minister, Mr. Bakhtadze served as Minister of Finance of Georgia. He also worked as a CEO of JSC Georgian Railway, where he successfully promoted Georgia’s role as a vital transportation, trade, logistics, and innovation hub connecting East and West. Mr. Bakhtadze held various leadership positions in the business sector, serving as the CEO of the Georgian International Energy Corporation and Member of the Supervisory Board of the largest industrial holding in Georgia – the Georgian Industrial Group.

Mr. Bakhtadze holds an MBA from INSEAD, and a Master’s Degree in Business from Moscow State University. He also obtained his PhD degree in Engineering from Georgian Technical University.