Aleksandre Jejekava is the Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia. Prior to taking this position in 2016, he served as Chairman and Lead Trainer in Management Academy (2010-2016), he delivered lecturers in Strategic Management for the MBA Program at the Bank of Georgia University (2016), as well as lectures in Business Administration for Master’s Programs at the Caucasus School of Business (2009-20015) Previously, Mr. Jejelava held various positions at the National Bank of Georgia, at TBC Bank, at Intellect Bank and at UGT. He also completed several international consulting projects, advising on political party strategic planning, institutional development and IT strategy development. Mr. Jejelava obtained his Master’s Degree in General Management from ESM-Tbilisi (2003-2005) and also Master’s degree in Project Management from the George Washington University (2009-2010). He holds undergraduate degree with honors in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tbilisi State University (1990-1995). He has been certified in Transnational Coaching and became a certified International coach from Erickson Coaching International (2015).