Heinz Olbers was appointed Director of the European Investment Bank’s (EIB) EU-Eastern Neighbourhood & Central Asia Department mid-2012, which was extended to also cover the EU-Southern Neighbourhood at the beginning of 2015.
Beforehand, Mr Olbers was the Director of the EIB’s Planning and Settlement of Operations Department in the Finance Directorate, covering the Bank’s financial transactions for borrowings, treasury and loans.
Previously, he managed several Lending Divisions of the Bank: In 2008 and 2009, he was in charge of the Risk Sharing Finance Facility set-up by the European Commission and the EIB for the financing of RDI projects in Europe; in 2004, when several countries in Central
and Eastern Europe joined the EU, he became responsible for the Bank’s activities in Poland and in 2000 for lending operations in Southern Germany.
Earlier on, he worked as Loan Officer on finance operations in Germany and Austria and was an Advisor to one of the Members of the Bank’s Management Committee. He joined the EIB in 1992 commencing in the Portugal Division. Heinz Olbers started his banking career in corporate finance with Deutsche Bank in 1987. He completed legal studies with a PhD. in banking law, pursued additional studies in business administration and holds a post-graduate degree in accounting.